Term Time & Rates

Monday (Lisburn)

1st Term 9th September -18th November 2013 [off halloween 28-10.13]
2nd Term 25th November - 10th February 2014  [off 23rd & 30th Dec 13]                                                      
3rd Term 17th February - 19th May 2014 [off 17th March .14th&21st April .5th May 2014]
4th Term 26th May -  


Wednesday (Coleraine)

1st Term 11th September - 20th November 2013 (Off 30th October Halloween)
2nd Term 27th November- 12th February 2014 [off 25th Dec & 1st Jan 14]
3rd Term 19th February - 7th May 2014 [off 16th &23rd April 2014]
4th Term 14th May -  


Thursday (Coleraine)

1st Term 12th September - 21st November 2013 (Off 31st October, Halloween)
2nd Term 28th November - 13th February 2014 [off 26th Dec & 2nd Jan 14]
3rd Term 20th February - 8th May 2014 [off 17th &24th April 2014]
4th Term 15th May -  



Friday (Lisburn)

1st Term 13th September - 22nd November 2013 ( off 1st  November ,Halloween )
2nd Term 29th November - 14th February 2014 [off 20th Dec & 27th Dec 2013]
3rd Term 21st February - 9th May 2014 [off 18th &25th April 2014]
4th Term 16th May -  



Fees are due at the beginning of each term, No refunds will be given for non-attendance.
15% Discount is offered to siblings.
Please put bill and payment either correct cash or cheque made payable to 'The Wendy Gibson Academy' in an envelope marked with students name, class, day and time.  A receipt will be given the following week.
Should a class be cancelled for any reason a refund will be deducted from the next bill or a replacement lesson arranged.